PES2014 File Loader small update

Change log version : (small update - not nessesary to download if you dont get any problem with older version)
  • Updated plugin : 
    • Gameplay.dll : 
      • Fixed bugs for AI force mode
    • Faceloader : 
      • Fixed bugs when using with patch 1.06
  • Updated main module : 
    • Improve compatiability 
    • Fixed some minor bugs when use with patch 1.07
    • Fixed bug : settings.exe cannot start
Note : 
  • I stopped developing Songloader module (that was removed from plugin list already) , please dont ask about crash problem due using songloader, use it at your own risk

30 件のコメント:

  1. So i give up making pes2014 patches.
    Waiting for pes 2015.

  2. I worked well with the Songloader which was not the problem :/

    1. Strange, it will loop? For me no. They stop listening to the music in the end.

  3. Hi Jenkey Thanks for the FileLoader :) I only have one problem, when I start a game I have no people in stadiums

    1. Uncheck crowd +3d turf

    2. already solved thanks to your comment! :)

  4. Hi,
    Jenky, the fileloader is awesome!
    Great work!
    Can you open the slide bar of keeper reaction please?

  5. Jenkey tu es un grand man!
    Si j'étais le boss de Konami je te donnerai un travail tout de suite !!
    Merci pour ton travail car tout les meilleurs patchs pour PES 2014 découle de ton travail sur ton magnifique File Loader (et les autres logiciel). Tu est tout simplement indispensable à la communauté PES !! un grand merci !!

    Et j'attend avec impatience l'EXE 1.10 de konami pour le nouveau gameplay ainsi que ton File Loader qui corrigera les quelques problèmes sur ce dernier gameplay (qui a l'air beaucoup plus tactique et moins rapide, les tirs plus automatiques, mais peu-être plus jouissif, un peu comme si c'était le 1er PES ou ISS PRO)

    Encore un grand merci !!

    1. Jenkey you are a great man!
      If I were the boss of Konami I will give you a job right away!
      Thank you for your work because all the best patches for PES 2014 results from your work on your magnificent File Loader (and other software). You simply need to PES community! a big thank you!

      And I looked forward to the EXE 1.10 konami for the new gameplay and your File Loader that will correct some problems on the last gameplay (which has the firing automatic air much more tactical and slower, but little be more enjoyable, as if it was 1 or PES ISS PRO)

      Another big thank you!

  6. Jenkey. why face gdb doesnt work with fake IDs players ??? thx, master!

  7. Why I can't load kits for the PDII clubs?

    1. remove your option file and create the new one.

    2. Thanks! Now i can play the italian serie B with the correct kits xD

  8. 匿名4/12/2014

    Good job!!
    But noDVD 1.07 during game play is stopped...

    1. 匿名4/16/2014

      jap Commentary >>eng Commentary
      play well!!
      thank you~jk

  9. get full white skin and hands and can not add faces for pre fake players any idea jenkey?

  10. 匿名4/13/2014

    I have optimus vga, when I use this version it just could detect my intel vga. But when I use older FL I have Nvidia vga detected. Please fix that master

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  12. No crowd+3d turf option is not working for me, when i play there is still crowd in the stadium, do i need extra steps to make it work? thanx for your time jenkey.

  13. few questions:

    1) is there a FAQ about the parameters? what exactly does shot power value/ball speed change? does shot power manipulate the shot power bar? does ball speed affect only shots or everything?

    2) why are some options greyed out?

    thanks in advance!!

  14. 匿名4/16/2014

    Shot power increases all the powers actually...

  15. jenkey, could you help about the songloader.dll? my custom songs stop playing at the end and cant play next song

  16. Still can't use GDB to put faces on Fake Players. Is this a known issue or is it something i am doing wrong?

  17. Hi Jenkey,
    Does this work with Win8.1? I successfully applied this in Win7 but couldn't apply it in Win8.1. So can you help me with this please?

  18. no me anda tengo patch 1.07 datapack 4.3 ayuda????????

  19. este es el log
    [ Fileloader] PES2014 file loader start log.
    [ Fileloader] Module version :
    [ Fileloader] Current dir : F:\Archivos de programa\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\
    [ Fileloader] Config ini : F:\Archivos de programa\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2014\pes2014.ini
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [0] Lodmixer.dll = 03410000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [1] Speeder.dll = 78000000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [2] KitLoader.dll = 09490000
    [ Controller] XInput not found. Unload Module.
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [3] Controller.dll = 00000000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [4] Faceloader.dll = 14020000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [5] VideoLoader.dll = 0fa50000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [6] Gameplay.dll = 0faa0000
    [ Match] Use default match time. Unload plugin.
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [7] Match.dll = 00000000
    [ Camera] Use default setting. Unload plugin.
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [8] Camera.dll = 00000000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [9] ApkLoader.dll = 0faf0000
    [ Fileloader] Load plugin [10] SongLoader.dll = 0fb40000
    [ Main] Main module size = 0221b000
    [ Lodmixer] Init.
    [ Lodmixer] Module version :
    [ Lodmixer] screen_width : 640
    [ Lodmixer] screen_heigh : 480
    [ Lodmixer] wide_screen : 1
    [ Lodmixer] picture_quality : 0
    [ Lodmixer] speaker type : 2
    [ Speeder] Init.
    [ Speeder] Module version :
    [ System] ntdll.dll base = 7c910000
    [ Speeder] Error 1.
    [ Speeder] http info not detected.
    [ Speeder] Patch skip intro.
    [ Kitloader] Init.
    [ Kitloader] Module version :
    [KitloaderPNG] Active Nvidia CUDA compress.
    [ Faceloader] Init.
    [ Faceloader] Module version :
    [ Faceloader] Error 1.
    [ Faceloader] Error 2-1.
    [ Faceloader] Error 3.
    [ Faceloader] Error 4.
    [ Bodysetting] Init.
    [ Bodysetting] Module version :
    [ Bodysetting] Error 1-1.
    [ Bodysetting] Error 1-2.
    [ Bodysetting] Error 2.
    [ Bodysetting] Error 3.
    [ Bodysetting] Error 4.
    [ Bodysetting] Error 5.
    [ AutoPath] Init.
    [ AutoPath] Error 1.
    [ VideoLoader] Init.
    [ VideoLoader] Module version :
    [ Gameplay] Init.
    [ Gameplay] Module version :
    [ Gameplay] Error 1.
    [ Gameplay] Error 2.
    [ Gameplay] Error 3.
    [ Gameplay] Error 4.
    [ ApkLoader] Init.
    [ ApkLoader] Module version :
    [ ApkLoader] Texture quality = 0
    [ ApkLoader] Error 1.
    [ Songloader] Init.
    [ Songloader] Module version :
    [ Songloader] PES2014 song loader error 1.
    [ Songloader] PES2014 song loader error 2.
    [ Fileloader] Init.
    [ Fileloader] Error 1.
    [ Fileloader] Error 2.
    [ Match info] Init.
    [ Match info] Error 1.
    [ Fileloader] PES2014 file loader end log.

  20. hey, How does AI Level affects the game. Which will be the most realistic level.

  21. hi. this work with dlc 1.07 or 1.06 version(just this version)

  22. why this doesnt work i already used the but not responding please fix this

  23. im using win 8 pesedit patch 4.4